Over the last twenty year or so of working in retail and technology areas, I have found some products that I strongly recommend and have either used them myself or installed for clients.

Apple Products

I love most things that Apple produces and I have been using their computers over thirty years. Depending on if you are looking for something mobile (such as an iPad or MacBook) or a desktop device (like a Mac mini or iMac) there are so many different models and configurations to choose from. If you are interested in purchasing and Apple product, check out my Apple recommended product page and make sure to ask me any questions you may have about them.

Computer Networking

About ten years ago I started learning how to setup wired and wireless networks for myself along with friends and family and it grew into a passion on mine. I really enjoy trying to find the best solution to a networking problem regardless of if it is for your home, coffee shop, retail store, office building or sports arena. I started working with Ubiquiti’s Unifi products about five years ago and have been using and recommending them ever since, I also invested in the training and testing needing to receive my Ubiquity Enterprise Wireless Admin certification in 2018. If you are looking to update your existing network (wired or wireless) check out Unifi product recommendation pages and let me know how I can help you with your networking project.