Unifi Networking equipment


When you are looking for a full network setup for your home, office or retail location, you often start with a device called a router or gateway to connect your network to your internet provider’s network.

Unifi offers several devices that attach to your internet provider’s connection and then allow you to manage the rest of the network (often called gateways or routers). These include the Unifi Security Gateway (good for small offices and retail stores), the Unifi Dream Machine (good for home users or small areas) and the Unifi Dream Machine Pro (good for larger offices and retail stores)

Wireless Access Points

A WiFi access point is what allows your wireless devices (computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc) to connect to your network. Unifi offers many different form factors to chose from when consider what access point you need:

  1. Form factor – table top, wall outlet and ceiling mount options
  2. Device power – will you be using your existing PoE switch to provide power or will you need a wall outlet
  3. Number of clients – will it just be a handful or devices connecting or 50 or 1000
  4. Range –  how far away will the devices be from the access point, will they be in the same room or a floor away
  5. Location – will the access point be inside a building/room or outside

Below are some of the more common Unifi access points that I have installed for clients but if you don’t see what you are looking for or need more details, please contact me.

Wall & Ceiling Mount:

Wall/Office (small area):

Outdoor areas:


WiFi 6 Models (Latest)

Unifi 6 LR
Not Yet Available in Canada
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